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OneMil Craft


A goal in the game does not exist. Youre alone. On a large island. There are heaps to do. You must be careful, you have to eat, you need to hunt and fish to survive to. There are many animals on the island. You can run a farm or develop up to hunters. You can put yourself in the night against the Malicious. For that you have but you weapon crafting. And all this is not easy. There are two different modes to play. A time that is the creative mode in which there is no monster, and no animals gives. However, all blocks unlocked and you can build everything whats on your mind. Secondly, there is a survival mode in which it is difficult to survive. Since there are the day and night cycles. At night monsters come out, which means you have to take care that you do not limp in the open air to otherwise you will not be able to survive.In addition, you can use a local network with your friends and family relatives play to still have more fun.
We very much hope that the game gefaehlt you and gives it 5 stars.
If there are problems then we wrote an e-mail. We will take care of everything.